A1A Tile Installation

A1A Tile Installation is a company that has been standing for many years now and have been creating beautiful art pieces on floors from for decades. We’ve worked with so many different materials and room designs, we’ve fit tiles on ceilings, walls and floors, everything you can think of, we’ve done it.

Now as a premium company, we’d like to explain we deal with tiles and nothing else.

Why tiles?

Tiles are modern, versatile, beautiful and easy to clean and maintain. They are cost effective and come in a wide range of materials and designs. No matter the budget, there is a tile for everyone that wants it. And because of its versatility, anything can be accomplished through tiles. They can suit a modern or vintage room, no matter the theme, tiles are best to go for.

Easy to clean

Like we said, tiles are unbelievably easy to clean. They’re quick and easy to. With a simple wipe, hard dirt can be easily taken out with tiles, whereas other flooring you might need to buy all sorts of chemicals and products to get rid of the dirt. They’re just that effortless and time efficient.

A wide variety

Tiles offer a wide range variety and with its versatility, you can make it your own without trying to hard. We are certain that you would love the idea of choosing a tile and having it be installed into your home. Its just so fun and easy. So if you’re going for a dark color, or a light color, there is a tile for ever design and theme.

It’s cost-effective

Tile installation costs can be a pricey sometimes, but yet, it can be so affordable in the long run because of its durability and longevity. It will last you a long time and won’t shatter and break from anything. They’re also easy to replace if anything happens to them.

Need some tile work?

If you’re looking to get some tile work done in your home, consider us at A1A Tile Installation, where we offer quality services and affordable pricing with our products. Contact us now, or leave your details on our personal details form and we’ll get in touch with you.