Fencing for Dogs

Few things will make it easier for your dog and your life than a big, closed yard. But because many dogs are artists of escape, you must make sure you choose a fence which holds your canine.

Although the fencing solution isn’t ideal for all dogs, there are some solutions available on the market that will probably keep your dog safe. Some of the best fencing options, materials and styles will be discussed below. We will even talk about the main ways dogs escape–because knowledge is power!

But let’s talk first of all about some of the reasons your dog deserves a fenced yard.

There are a number of reasons why closed yards are helpful to dogs and their owners. Some of the main ones are: closed yards allow your dog to exercise more. Unlike their owners, dogs need to train daily to stay healthy, fit, and clean. A closed yard–even a relatively small one –will give him a space to run, jump and play and encourage him to practice a lot.

Close yards help avoid boredom. Dogs who are lucky enough to hunt down squirrels, smell interesting things, and bark past footmen will enjoy a ton of mental stimulation (some puzzle toys will not hurt anymore). Not only will they be happier if such occasions arise, they will not bored, often leading to destructive behaviour.

Fenced yards make it more convenient to have a bathroom break. Although you have an adult dog who has only a few pee breaks every day, you will definitely not want to take a long walk to enable him to do his job. It’s easy to leave your dog out and answer nature’s call with a fenced yard without even having to put your shoes or take leash.

Closed yards for dogs who can’t go to the park for dogs are great. A lot of dogs go to the local dog park, but some can’t play together (I’m looking in my own beloved but antagonistic pet right now). For medical reasons, other dogs can not go to the park. And although your backyard may not provide much social interaction, your dog can still have some fun.

Fenced yards can help to prevent criminals from your dog. Even relatively small dogs often bell up a storm when strangers come, so that a closed yard can help keep your home a little safer.

Fences for dogs Fenced Yards Walks will not be replaced: You’ll still need to take your Dog Out Daily A fenced yard should not be a daily walking replacement-your dog still needs the opportunity to cruise the neighborhood, pee in the right spots and enjoy a change of setting.

You definitely don’t have to go as long walks if you add a fence to your yard, but you still have to walk in the daily routine of your pet.

For instance, if you normally walk your dog three times a day, an enclosed yard can allow you to walk every afternoon with ease. Just let your dog go to the back yard early in the morning and right before bed, and then spend 20 minutes exploring the neighborhood from work with your pooch.

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