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Aromatic Red Cedar and Glass Entry

This contemporary stone home had a unique way of bringing the outside in. Two stone walls turned in towards each other, making a ten foot wide alley.
The idea was to put a wall of glass there to separate the inside from out. Our solution was to build a sub frame of white oak and clad it with aromatic red cedar. The glass is 1/2” insulated , lo UV .
Not sure that the cedar would hold its stability, we decided to make the door and side lite parts in the stave core or engineered stile method. The cores of the parts are of quarter-sawn Spanish cedar, clad with 1/8” aromatic red cedar flitches and 3/4” solid edges.
The unique handles are hexagonal in cross section with an inlaid walnut accent stripe. The handles are mounted on custom-made brass standoffs, with Gaboon ebony plugs to hide the set screws.