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Desk of Aromatic Red Cedar, Walnut and Poplar

This desk was made to fit against a window wall in a hexagonal home office. Mike drew this desk in AutoCAD, so we were able to make a template of the top including the position of each leg in relation to the skirt. This allowed us to lay out all of the joinery, in place, on the template, eliminating errors that might happen if done another way.

The skirt of the desk was done as vacuum laminations of two 1/8” layers of cedar onto a core of solid heart  poplar. 3/4” was ripped off the top edge of the skirt and the drawer fronts were cut from the remaining. Then the 3/4" ripping was re glued to it’s mating piece. In that way we were able to keep the grain continuous and the gaps at the sides of the drawer fronts tighter.

The legs were joined to the skirts using hand cut mortise and tenon joinery. The drawers are of course, hand dovetailed.

The top is 2” thick black walnut cut from the owner's farm. It is two book matched slabs scrub planed with hand eased edges. The two slabs meet at a corner in the wall, at a 75° angle. They are joined with a tongue and groove joint and hanger bolts. The finish is hand rubbed lacquer.