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Wall Unit of American Black Walnut

This 18 foot wide by 8 foot tall unit constructed of American black walnut solid and veneer, has a 1-1/2” solid slab top with a natural edge.

An interesting element of this piece is that it sits a half inch off the floor and a half inch from the ceiling. These void areas are air intake and returns. Hidden in the center soffit are two 6” flex ducted fans that draw air from the heated floor and exhaust it at the ceiling. There are also two 2” ducts that draw heat from the center TV cabinet. The lock mitered columns enclose the ductwork.

The curved upper doors and their laminated walnut and cherry track are on a 511” radius to follow the natural edge of the top. The track is suspended from column to column with no other support.

The cherry trolley wheels were cut on a CNC router with grooves cut by hand on a lathe. The wheels rotate on ball bearing hubs.

This unit was pre finished with conversion varnish.