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Ash and Poplar Wall Unit

The customer wanted a unit that was ergonomically designed to allow for good traffic movement through the room.

Because of the door to the left, the unit needed to be narrow on that end and widen to accommodate a TV and widen further for the armoire on the right.

The cabinet is constructed of ash plywood and solid ash, having the outside corners lock mitered. We prefer this to having seams showing where the face frame is attached.

All doors are made of 3/4" solid ash and contain 1/2"  solid ash panels. The doors are hung on 165° European hinges. The drawers and pull outs are of dovetailed Maple. The 2” top is of reclaimed heart poplar, scrub planed. The 5/8” accent inlay and the butterfly inlays on the counter top are of aromatic red cedar.

Cedar also caps the baseboard and stepped cornice. The finish is clear conversion varnish.