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A Distressing Situation

We were asked to make three rooms of new white oak woodwork look old. The wall paneling , book cases , ceiling, cornice and kitchen were built and installed by others. Our job was to distress it all. The first thing we did was to make and install over a thousand square walnut pegs at the appropriate places in the raised panel frames. These pegs were cut 1/16” proud of the surface for later sanding. We used hand planes, carving tools rotary tools, wire brushes, logging chains, hatchet, a world war II combat knife and whatever else we could get out hands on. There are worm holes, cracks and wear marks wherever appropriate. The real job was to know where things would get abuse over a century or two. We then finish sanded all surfaces in preparation for finishing.

Included in the distressing was a full wall of painted cabinetry in the hallway to the garage.

We also provided carved pilasters at the front of the counters and on the back unit in the kitchen and the three louvered air conditioning returns. This was quite a job and took a full three weeks labor and a lot of sandpaper.

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