Custom Original Design V-Groove Doors

These doors were designed with v-groove tongue and groove panels that had a chamfered edge detail surrounding the panel. The door stiles and rails had a matching chamfered edge detail. When assembled, the two chamfered edges met to form a v-groove surround. This required far more accuracy than a normal tongue and groove door. It also required custom stick and cope knives.



Patrick Henry Gate

Our customer had several pieces of Bermuda Cedar that he had been carrying around for several years and asked us to use it to replicate a gate that he saw at Patrick Henry's home in Virginia.

We were able to use some of it along with Spanish cedar. The resulting gate is probably the most pleasing one we've done so far.



Patrick Henry Gate Construction

The sweeping cross brace of the gate as well as the horizontal rails are two piece laminations. Both the brace its mortises were done with a CNC router for a perfect fit. The stiles are also two piece laminations, but the mortises were cut by hand.

This is a sequential photo series of the process.




Mahogany gates

If you are from Nashville, you probably know these massive gates. They are of sixteen quarter Honduras Mahogany. All full through mortise and tenon construction.

As of this picture they are twelve years old.


Master Bath in Hard Maple

On either end of the vanities there are two multi-level medicine cabinets. They open like bi-fold books. Each section was hung on stainless steel piano hinges. The right hand vanity had to be tapered on it's end to accomodate a doorway so we put a section of open shelves there. The doors are all hung on European hinges and the drawers on full extension soft closing slides. We tried to utilize as much space as we could for storage so the pullout makeup drawer was appreciated. Matching mirror surrounds completed the elevaton.

We also built a towel seat in front of the tub. Note that the center section is removable to provide access to the plumbing of the tub.