Hurricane Proof Glass: Bullet Proof?

For people in Miami who know the kind of storms and hurricanes they are experiencing, they have invested in hurricane proof windows to provide protection against heavy storms.

In storms, a strong wind of more than 160 mph brings debris which can not support a regular window, and a special window known as hurricane-proof windows must be mounted, which provide the necessary protection in case of hurricanes.

Window impact The homeowners in Miami are essentially using hurricane proof windows for protection, most people wonder, is Hurricane proof glass bullet proof? The answer is YES a proof window for a hurricane can be converted to a proof window.

They can also use hurricane windows for people living in a high crime zone to offer protection even if bullet proof windows are reinforced to offer proper resistance against bullets.

The following is a more detailed explanation of how both types of windows were designed to provide storm security for hurricane evidence windows and to provide bullet protection for bulletproof windows.

Hurricane windows proof.
Hurricane resistant windows are made of two or more layers of glass specially reinforced and correctly laminated and compacted together. Due to this compaction, windows do not shut down on impact, but remain strong and impactful.

Hurricane-proof windows have been built to resist any form of debris, which is transported by strong wind in a storm, thereby ensuring the safety of your home and your family.

Hurricane windows are also well-compacted so that the slides do not break as a strong wind or debris, which can cause serious injuries to anyone around.

Bulletproof windows.-Bulletproof windows.
Screens are used in areas of high crime, and are not safe, just like the hurricane-resistant window, a bulletproof window can be made out of several compacted, laminated frames, although the layers of the glasses can be more resistant than hurricane windows.

Alternatively, bullet proof windows may be made of solid, varying-thickness acrylic which may be opaque and therefore can not be seen when the window is closed.
Hurricane proof windows can only be used as bulletproof windows when the thickness increases to a width that resists a bullet’s force.

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