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New Oaks College recognizes the increasing need for corporate learning–the need for improved practical understanding, applied working knowledge, professional growth, job abilities and career advancement possibilities.

We meet the requirements and global trends of our learners and now offer a comprehensive internet research chance–no need to visit courses in the afternoon after work! Our classes are available everywhere, anytime, and completely adaptable to all kinds of devices. “Our vision is to provide people with no access to face-to-face education options with a world class teaching experience.

Our experience in “embedded teaching” combines group collaboration, particularly curated content and access to specialist topics. Get immediate feedback, communicate with your classmates, check your understanding with frequent questionnaires and allow our teaching facilitators to guide you, all in your own comfort and time schedule. Successful learners obtain a certificate of competence certified by Wits.

Accounting abilities are essential in order to understand how financial statements are prepared and interpreted and to use them to meet the demands of the multiple stakeholders in company. Financial statements are essential to inform the management decision-making process but are also a necessity in terms of the South African Companies Act. Financial statements are used for the preparation of tax returns and also presented annually to the CIPC (Companies and Commission on Intellectual Property).

Financial, accounting and investment experts need to know the financial statements and how they are ready, since this is a key component of their careers. Managers and businessmen must also know how accounting results can be leveraged to drive strategic decision-making.

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Such courses can offer you a whole fresh career and lifestyle. We will offer you the trust to begin your fresh career. And we specialize in training courses that allow you to begin your own company.

Moreover, we are more practical than many organisations. You will discover more comprehensive informations and guidelines on how to operate your own company in our lessons.
Study online. You will access all the materials online when you research one of our classes. So you’re not going to have to wait until the course arrives.

Once you’ve registered, we will give you login information and your tutor’s name. And you can log into the scheme directly and start the race as quickly as you have these information.
Your teacher. Your teacher. You’re going to have your own personal tutor, as we said. Research demonstrates you’ll be more probable than self-study or book learning to succeed in this interactive, tailored manner.
Some organisations make their course stuffy and tedious. Our classes are enjoyable. We hate that. We hate that. Our materials are written light-heartedly, so that you absorb the severe data while you enjoy it.

This implies that you are more likely to finish your course and receive the qualification we are acknowledged for.
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