Pool Paving Boca Raton

Best Materials to use

We all love a good pool don’t we? It is one of the funnest things we could do when seeking enjoyment. But there are times when the fun stops for a number of reasons, one of them being that it can be an unpleasant experience if anything happens to you or your friends/family when they’re enjoying the pool because of badly pave work or slippery floors. 

The second one may come to your surprise, but it’s true that some floor material does become more slippery than others.

Materials not to use

Ceramic tiles are arguably the worst option you could go for when choosing the material to go for your pavework around your pool. They are very dangerous and become easily slippery when wet. They’re also dangerous because your feet are more likely to get cut from these floors compared to others.
These floors are not the best, they also get easily shattered and because of this, you may pose a risk of getting cut from the sharp edges.

We can also add untreated wood into the list as they tend to rot very easily. They are costly because they need constant maintenance because they rot so easily.

We are also expert brick pavers

We know that having a good pool is everything, but you need to keep in mind that you and your loved ones safety does come before that. Its better to compromise your pools design a little bit for the sake of being assured that your family isn’t at risk. Using the right materials for your pool side is key to making sure there are no injuries involved and accidents that can be caused.

Materials we recommend

Brick Pavers, flat and even stone is often used for our clients, both for decoration and walkway. Its slip resistant and harder to break. Once these floors are installed, they will be there for many years.

Clay tiles are durable and slip resistant, therefor they make a good addition to this list. Clay tiles are also less like to crack and when they do, they’re cheap to replace. Clay tiles are great options because they don’t heat up that quickly and easily as stone tiles do.

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