Popcorn removal: Why Should You Remove It?

Textured walls ceilings (otherwise known as popcorn ceilings) are not only ugly, but dangerous for ones health as well. We don’t mean to offend anybody, but we are sure that you think that as well. Thats why we’re here, to take all the ugliness away and removing the dirt off your ceilings and walls. There are money reasons as to why you should remove them, here are some:
Though reasoning may vary from person to person, we feel everyone should consider our advise that’s to come.
You may not know this but, popcorn ceilings are bad for your health. Chemicals used to make these ceilings include asbestos and this chemical has been linked to kidney failure and cancer. And this is one of the reasons why we don’t urge clients to remove popcorn ceilings themselves, to avoid all the dangers.
Popcorn installation has also been a lazy builders dream because what these contractors would do is, build popcorn ceilings over unfinished work and hide faults and all sorts of bad things. So who knows what is going on behind your ceiling. There might even be a leak for all we know.
Our company is available to help make your lives better by offering you a service which you will mot only appreciate deeply, but grow fond of your new ceilings and walls. Call us today for more info, or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you instead.