WMS Auto Parts

For all marks and designs including big trucks, WMS Auto Parts provides the greatest quality auto car body services. We also install and assemble a complete variety of automotive components

. We are the location to bring your vehicle or truck for all auto shop collision repairs, teething fixes, auto painting and many more, whether you are the owner, domestic, cargo or an exotic high-performance vehicle.

We know that it is stressful to deal with an incident. That is why we take the moment to provide you one-on – one advice and assist in your insurance claims throughout the accident / repair phase. WMS Auto Parts works for you.

If motor oil or gear oil is not correctly disposed of, it can be a risk to our surroundings. Let us recycle it, the correct way for you. For most cars, most places are available, except where forbidden by law.

Ateries contain a amount of heavy metals and toxic chemicals, so leave them available to the pros. And ask a Team Member about your ancient battery gift card. Exclusions are applicable.

When you purchase from us a battery, we will install it FREE for you. Ask a member of the team for information.

We test batteries, starters and alternators to ensure that every car starts and charges even for the shortest journeys. We can test your car on or off. For all clients, this is a free service.

You can only borrow it from us if you don’t want to spend thousands of bucks on a instrument you use once. Ask about our FREE* tool program for loaners. Deposit reimbursable needed.

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Free scanning of the engine code for most OBD II cars. We can provide only existing code for you, but we are glad to refer you to a local professional technician if you need a more extensive diagnosis.

Buy wiper blades from us and we’re going to install them FREE. This is another way that we assist you get back on the path.

When you’re searching for a good car parts shop in North Miami, select WMS Auto Parts for the first time.

We also provide a range of free facilities, such as loan instruments, testing and installation of batteries, checking motor light tests, installation of wiper blade and more to make life simpler.

You need best portion, instrument or accessory at an inexpensive cost from fundamental repairs, routine maintenance or large-scale projects, and you need it quickly.

We are open 7 days a week to make sure you get the work you need to complete. If you’re in a hurry, just order any products online and collect them on stock at your local shop in North Miami in 30 minutes or less.

Ask an experienced team of members to assist you choose the correct pieces or to assist you with any of our free services.

At WMS Auto Parts, we are more than satisfied customers. We want our customers to be enthusiastic about their tires and facilities. We are dedicated to saving you cash, too. That is why we have both tires and facilities coupons and deals.