24 hour AC Repair Miami

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Get a new, high-efficiency heating and air conditioning system without the out-of-pocket expense. And free maintenance, repairs and parts. All for one low monthly payment less than the average cell phone bill.

We guarantee that any time you call us to repair your air conditioning unit, you will be left feeling cooler and more comfortable than before. As a family owned and operated AC company, we take pride in addressing your AC problems and getting you the solution you need to get back to a happy home. And AC replacements are nothing to stress over because when you have a Beyer Boys expert on the job, we will install your new AC unit correctly  100% of the time.

If your furnace is making odd noises, not working, or raising energy costs, contact our furnace repair experts. We offer affordable and reliable furnace repair services to keep your home comfortable.

These components can usually be replaced with new ones to restore your AC to its normal condition. However many repairs are more complicated, such as refrigerant leaks. If your system has a leak in it, it is a much more complex issue than simple capacitor replacement. When your system is low on refrigerant, it is a direct indication of at least a micro leak in the system. If this happens, a leak search is recommended to attempt to locate where the leak is, and whether it is a repairable one. If it is repairable, our team will repair it and recharge the system with the missing refrigerant. Nevertheless, some leaks are not repairable and this is where a replacement may become required.

whether it’s scheduled maintenance or the installation of a new air-conditioning system. When you call service experts, you’re assured of an experience that exceeds your expectations.You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that you called dedicated professionals.

Our large selection enables us to offer low prices that include delivery and installation.

Our experienced service experts, and installation crews give our customers worry-free maintenance; prolong a unit’s life; and result in greater efficiency, for still more savings.    

 Air Conditioning offer a free room survey so you get an air conditioner that matches your actual needs.