What is the main difference between a standard glass (single glazed) and a hurricane impact-resistant window?
The main design characteristics of impact windows and doors are the shatter-resistant glass securely attached to a high-duty aluminum frame. The impact-resistant glazing consists of two layers of glass, which are glued or tempered to an intermediate layer of a membrane that is shatter-proof. This membrane usually is made from Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB), a plastic film which, depending on the design pressure required, varies from 015 to 0,090 centimetres. When the external glass breaks, the fragments adhere to the pvb film. Standard glass windows, on the other hand, are made of standard float glass that fractures into large, sharp shards when it is broken.

Why are high-impact windows (or any other impact protection system) so important to keep a property’s roof structural integrity?
Windows plays a crucial role in maintaining a structure’s building envelope. A broken window can easily trigger massive structural destruction during lasting hurricane forces. If high-speed winds enter a house, the air pressure inside / outside is significantly different. When this difference occurs, the structure will most likely loose its roof to offer a way out of the continuing pressure. It is now widely known that massive destruction follows when a structure loses a window and allows an entrance to the wind.

Do windows and doors from hurricanes come in different glass colours?
Yes, hurricanes and doors, including Gray, Bronze, Blue and Green, are available in a variety of colors.

Will windows in my house help improve energy efficiency?
Yeah, totally. Impact windows and doors can be configured to have low emissivity glass (commonly called LowE) to increase energy efficiency significantly. With the current LowE glass technology, homeowners can achieve high levels of comfort all year round and significant energy savings. LowE glasses, such as PPG’s SolarBan 70XL or Cardinal’s LoWE 366, offer the perfect balance between high visibility and solar control. This balance is a big feature. Visibility was in the past seriously compromised to achieve high levels of solar-generated heat transfer to the house. Homeowners can include these special glasses in their doors and windows when ordering their windows.

What is the U-factor, what is it?
The U-factor determines how well the door or the window keeps the heat inside or inside the structure. The lower the U-factor, the higher the heat flux resistance in a window and the better its insulating properties. The lower the U-factor, the better the window / door assembly is if the heat transfer is blocked. The residents of Miami should be aware that low U factors are most important in heat-dominated climates, i.e. in cold northern regions. While a low U-factor is beneficial for cooling dominated climates such as South Florida, a low solar heat gain is very desirable for impact windows and doors.

What is the coefficient of solar heat gain?
The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) is the heat entering a room. The smaller the number, the less heat the house penetrates. When a home is mainly air-conditioned, the SHGC value is the right rate to ask. Hurricane resistant glass windows and doors have a SHGC of 0.72, while bronze and gray glass have a SHGC quality of 0.55 and 0.56, respectively. The LowE Glasses, like SolarBan 70XL, SolarBan 60 or LowE 366, can be lowered to less than 0.30.

Do impact-resistant windows and doors provide good protection against ultra-violet?
Ultra-violet (UV) rays, which are not visible to the human eye in part of the solar spectrum, cause fabric to decompose over time. By comparing UV readings, it should be remembered that the lower the level, the more UV is blocked. For example, a 0% U-V value is a 100% block. Clear, gray and bronze-resistant doors and windows provide 100% coverage, 0 percent UV penetration.

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Dog evidence clashes are clearly not single-size pieces–you’ll have to go with a style that suits your house, taste, and dog. Currently, fences are almost always custom-made (including prefabricated pieces) to satisfy these and other criteria.

It means you have to weigh a number of problems carefully when choosing the best dog proof clasp for your house. Installation Some of the most important things are easier to install than others. For starters, prefabricated vinyl fences are quite easy to set up — even for people without much experience in home improvement. Maybe you want a friend or wife to assist you in the project, but you don’t have to pay for professional installation.

On the other hand, it takes a lot of time, energy and experience to mount privacy barriers and some other types correctly. If you are not willing to devote a weekend (and perhaps a longer one) to the task, then recruiting professionals would probably be better for you to set up your wall.

You will also want to find a fence that appeals to your style. Here’s no answer right or wrong; you like what you like. However, it is wise to consider how your choices affect your home’s resale value and make sure that you do not abide by any local codes or rules on association of homeowners.

Property Lines Make sure you know exactly where your property lines are to avoid conflicts with your neighbours. If your house was recently surveyed, you might still be able to locate the property lines, but if your house was not examined recently, you will probably want the crew to come out and properly identify the lines.

Durability Fences are a major investment, and many require you to invest a lot of elbow grease during the installation process. You will therefore want to consider durability when choosing. This implies not only selecting a fence made of durable materials, but also selecting one with reliable connection points.

Maintenance Various fence types require different maintenance types. Some of them are not usually needed, such as chain link fences, but wooden fences may need to be repainted every few years. Others, such as forged iron fences that rust over time, may need to be periodically sanded.

Safety It is obviously important to pick a fence that will safeguard your pet. In this respect, different dogs will face different challenges, so there is no single kind of fence working in all cases. For example, a picket fence could safely contain a small, relatively peaceful dog, but it would not slow down even a larger dog that could just jump over it.

Cost costs is always a factor in the real world, so before you start to choose a fence, you’ll want to figure out your budget. Make sure you make your choice when factoring in installation and maintenance costs.

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Few things will make it easier for your dog and your life than a big, closed yard. But because many dogs are artists of escape, you must make sure you choose a fence which holds your canine.

Although the fencing solution isn’t ideal for all dogs, there are some solutions available on the market that will probably keep your dog safe. Some of the best fencing options, materials and styles will be discussed below. We will even talk about the main ways dogs escape–because knowledge is power!

But let’s talk first of all about some of the reasons your dog deserves a fenced yard.

There are a number of reasons why closed yards are helpful to dogs and their owners. Some of the main ones are: closed yards allow your dog to exercise more. Unlike their owners, dogs need to train daily to stay healthy, fit, and clean. A closed yard–even a relatively small one –will give him a space to run, jump and play and encourage him to practice a lot.

Close yards help avoid boredom. Dogs who are lucky enough to hunt down squirrels, smell interesting things, and bark past footmen will enjoy a ton of mental stimulation (some puzzle toys will not hurt anymore). Not only will they be happier if such occasions arise, they will not bored, often leading to destructive behaviour.

Fenced yards make it more convenient to have a bathroom break. Although you have an adult dog who has only a few pee breaks every day, you will definitely not want to take a long walk to enable him to do his job. It’s easy to leave your dog out and answer nature’s call with a fenced yard without even having to put your shoes or take leash.

Closed yards for dogs who can’t go to the park for dogs are great. A lot of dogs go to the local dog park, but some can’t play together (I’m looking in my own beloved but antagonistic pet right now). For medical reasons, other dogs can not go to the park. And although your backyard may not provide much social interaction, your dog can still have some fun.

Fenced yards can help to prevent criminals from your dog. Even relatively small dogs often bell up a storm when strangers come, so that a closed yard can help keep your home a little safer.

Fences for dogs Fenced Yards Walks will not be replaced: You’ll still need to take your Dog Out Daily A fenced yard should not be a daily walking replacement-your dog still needs the opportunity to cruise the neighborhood, pee in the right spots and enjoy a change of setting.

You definitely don’t have to go as long walks if you add a fence to your yard, but you still have to walk in the daily routine of your pet.

For instance, if you normally walk your dog three times a day, an enclosed yard can allow you to walk every afternoon with ease. Just let your dog go to the back yard early in the morning and right before bed, and then spend 20 minutes exploring the neighborhood from work with your pooch.

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Cork Flooring Pros: highly durable and environmentally friendly.
Cork has a cellular structure that is very moisture-resistant.
It’s soft to go on.
It’s a safe choice because it is resistant to slips.
Opposite: It must be sealed every 3-4 years.
Excessive sunshine can discolor it.
Heavy furniture can cause damage.
Get quotes from local flooring Pros Cork floors is now a common flooring in the home, is easy to clean and is one of the best floors for kitchens.

It is probably your most sustainable flooring product. Did you know which tree bark is harvested?

Since the tree bark grows back, cork can be harvested again every 8 to 10 years without any useful tree resources being depleted.

It also has a very unique cellular structure. This structure is very water and moisture resistant.

However, every three to four years after installation it must be resealed in order to protect it.

Cork is safe and soft to go on. It is soft to touch and has a textured surface to avoid slipping on it.

But if you choose to use cork floors for your kitchen, make sure that you frequently close your blinds or curtains. It’s going to fade from the sun.

And you might leave a dent in your cork floor if your table, the hutch or any other kitchen furnishings are heavy.

Hardwood flooring pros: durable enough to handle a high volume of traffic.
Humidity tolerant enough to cope with kitchen spills.
Hardwood floors increase the value of your home.
It works through open-concept homes well.
Opposite: This is one of the most expensive options.
A broken board can be difficult to replace.
Made of resins and adhesives.
Hardwood floors look good in every room and increase their value. And there is no exception to a kitchen.

Most people in the past have stopped using it because of the humidity and heat in the kitchen. Strong hardwood in moist and humid conditions can expand and warp.

Fortunately, now we have hardwood engineered.

The hardwood is designed to be extremely durable. What’s great because the kitchen is the house’s most busy space.

It can resist heavy traffic and the masses that accompany it. All you need to keep these floors in good condition are regular sweeping and mopping.

And since they are water resistant, just clean it off if anything spills on them during the cooking. It won’t damage hardwood engineered.

Another explanation why kitchen floors are so good is how well they adapt to other rooms. If the floor plan is open, the same floor can be used from room to room.

Switch to Top Luxury and Resilient Vinyl Flooring Pros: Facilitating the budget.
Highly water resistant and even waterproof with some choices.
A wide range of colors and styles are available.
Cleaning and maintenance is easy.

Cons: for the value of your home, it does little or nothing.
It’s not environmentally friendly.
Susceptible to gouges and bruises.
The options for vinyl floors are virtually endless.

Luxurious vinyl planks and tiles can imitate the appearance of real wood and natural stone. Resilient vinyl sheets, plus even more styles, can also be found in stone and wood.

So why is this one of the best floors of the kitchen? Especially because it’s extremely durable.

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For people in Miami who know the kind of storms and hurricanes they are experiencing, they have invested in hurricane proof windows to provide protection against heavy storms.

In storms, a strong wind of more than 160 mph brings debris which can not support a regular window, and a special window known as hurricane-proof windows must be mounted, which provide the necessary protection in case of hurricanes.

Window impact The homeowners in Miami are essentially using hurricane proof windows for protection, most people wonder, is Hurricane proof glass bullet proof? The answer is YES a proof window for a hurricane can be converted to a proof window.

They can also use hurricane windows for people living in a high crime zone to offer protection even if bullet proof windows are reinforced to offer proper resistance against bullets.

The following is a more detailed explanation of how both types of windows were designed to provide storm security for hurricane evidence windows and to provide bullet protection for bulletproof windows.

Hurricane windows proof.
Hurricane resistant windows are made of two or more layers of glass specially reinforced and correctly laminated and compacted together. Due to this compaction, windows do not shut down on impact, but remain strong and impactful.

Hurricane-proof windows have been built to resist any form of debris, which is transported by strong wind in a storm, thereby ensuring the safety of your home and your family.

Hurricane windows are also well-compacted so that the slides do not break as a strong wind or debris, which can cause serious injuries to anyone around.

Bulletproof windows.-Bulletproof windows.
Screens are used in areas of high crime, and are not safe, just like the hurricane-resistant window, a bulletproof window can be made out of several compacted, laminated frames, although the layers of the glasses can be more resistant than hurricane windows.

Alternatively, bullet proof windows may be made of solid, varying-thickness acrylic which may be opaque and therefore can not be seen when the window is closed.
Hurricane proof windows can only be used as bulletproof windows when the thickness increases to a width that resists a bullet’s force.

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What floors increase the value of your resale?
Porcelain floor tiles are not only a source of beauty and pleasure, but they do their best! It is also an improvement in your home’s value. Due to the tumult of today’s housing markets, potential buyers are wiser and often see a new paint coat past the foundation of the house. In addition to appearance, they are looking for quality.

What are you going to see when you look at your lovely tile floor?
You can certainly look beyond the tile: you will see the pride in your home, the love you give, the elegance it holds and the lasting value you can expect. You can ask for a higher price range as the seller, since your home simply has a higher value.

How do tiles add so much to your home’s value?
The first and simplest answer is that they are extremely appealing. You can create a wide variety of looks from elegant sophistication to charming, comfortable cottage. It creates a focus of every room. The look and feel of porcelain tiles convey quality, simplicity and a hint of opulence instantly and effectively. Every prospective home owner who enters into a room and is welcomed by lovely mosaics of tile floors will fall in love.

High quality porcelain floor panels are very durable and impact-resistant, beyond their surface appearances, with chemicals, water absorption, staining and scratching. Maintenance with a well-glazed tile is very easy. This also makes the choice in any room, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, very hygienic. This is definitely a point of sale for any home buyer.

What could be better than a beautiful, clean floor?
The primary differences between these two tile types are the temperature of the kiln and the raw materials used. Porcelain is created through exposure of the clay to high temperatures, which in turn vitrifies or hardens the surface. These tiles are extremely durable because of this process. As mentioned, the floors are resistant to impact, and will also look much longer than other flooring materials have faded, buckled or cracked. The inherent quality of the floor is a point of sale because homeowners see a wonderful floor which they won’t have to replace soon. It then turns into its own investment.

A fine, well-constructed tile floor brings added value to your home for another reason: it indicates a high level of commitment and care that represents the standard of the rest of your house. Homeowners know that nobody would go at the expense of tile installation with a subpar home. It would be like putting a special Eastern rug on the dirt floor of a basement. It transmits your sense of pride, style and value if you care enough about a bathroom, entrance or kitchen to install lovely tiles.

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With so many choices to enhance the outdoor area, cement pavers allow you to create a beautiful space on your budget and outdoor spaces are just like indoors if more homeowners want to improve rather than move. Make full use of the open air to expand your living space and enjoy your home instead of living in it.
Paths, exits, patios and the surroundings of the pool can be much more than a concrete surface.

Paving bolts for concrete or clay brick paths and driveways Paving bolts for concrete or clay brick paths and driveways No cutting if you plan your borders correctly is needed for laying basket weaving paths and paving basket weaving patterns.

Step 1 Lay out the courtyard or walk and place the edge limits. Snap the chalk down the sand bed center.

Step 2 Start in the middle of a rim and lay 3 short lines to create a step pyramid. When the lines are marked, work diagonally, complete the steps until the ground is filled. Work up the steps on each side of the pyramid. Continue to lay the whole surface in a stepped pattern. Cut end pavers to fit the restrictions.

BELOW Basketweave’s CONTINUES is suitable for patios and entrances. The model offers a solid, interlocking surface with an intriguing pattern.

Pavingsuperstore.co.uk Pavingspannes for concrete or clay brick paths and driveways The layout of hearing bones and paving herringbons is more fancies than running bonds but not more difficult to lay. But, it takes more time, because so many bricks have to be broken. The finished effect is eye-catching and many people feel that the result is worth the trouble. Action to ensure that the right size of brick is achieved: the true length (rather than the nominal) of the brick must twice the true width of the pattern to be used.

Step 1 Proof a trial will take place along each edge to ensure that the bricks or pavements fit and adjust the borders, if necessary. Place a pair of complete bricks at a right angle, starting at a corner.

Step 2 Install a couple of cuts of half bricks in the corners next to the complete pavers, as shown, and start placing a leg of full bricks in stepped pattern. Spread piles of pavers along the way, so as you lay the pattern, you don’t have to go back and forth.

Step 3 Put a leg of full length bricks or pavers, as shown, in a step pattern. Painted paths for cement or clay brick and drives Step 3 When a leg is placed correctly, the bricks in the sand must be bedded with a rubber suitcase tap. Finish with a half brick the first leg. Then lay another leg of full bricks step by step.

Step 4 Finish each end of each other leg with half a brick for concrete or clay paths and driveways. Sweep sand between the bricks after the walk is laid. Compact the walk to insert the bricks and stretch the sand between the joints.

Using two-colored pavers to make an interesting pattern when a herringbone model is drawn.

Use the cold chisel and hammer to cut bricks in half for concrete or clay brick tracks and passageways.

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BLACK MOLD REMOVAL COST Dampness in any house is likely to cause mold and mildew growth, and moldy conditions are not only a health hazard but also potentially cause redness, structural damage and premature paint failure. You should also consider the black mold extraction of a house with black mold in the unfinished basement (or the Attic and Crawl space, the two other most common mold places in homes as mentioned in the USA Environmental Protection Agency).

How do you calculate the cost of a household?
Mold has an effect on home value–black mold removal costs–advantacle mold can affect a house’s appreciation price. This is a good thing for some buyers because it makes a house more affordable. But if you hope to move to an excellent home, don’t bid on a molded home until you have had an independent assessment. For example, FHA assessors are not only required to consider that mold grows in a building, but also the type and position of mold. If you find that the mold growing in your house is black mold, you should know a few things: the toxic black mold can cause permanent damage to your health, and it can even kill in extreme cases.

Large mold and mould overgrowths in unusual locations are particularly likely to reduce the value of a house. If the FHA evaluator finds the mold overgrowth dangerous, you may have to remove the mold before you can receive the FHA loan.

You should have it inspected for mold and other problems before you buy any home. During this inspection, you may learn what caused the mold and the cost of removing the black mold. Sellers must also disclose whether the house has an ongoing mold problem or has flooded before, but don’t always do so. Never take a word from a seller or property agent about the presence of mold. Even if you get a steep discount, take a look. The cost to remove the mold may be higher than your savings.

HOW MUCH THE MOLD COST BLACK? To properly restore the mold (and ensure it does not return), you have to recruit a specialist in mold remediation. A mold remediation specialist remediates the cellar and ensures that mold spores are not recirculated throughout the house, otherwise it will recirculate the cellar even after the cellar itself gets cleaned.

So what does removal of black mold cost? This isn’t quite a slick answer. The infestation level directly affects the cost of removing the black mold. The cost of removing the black mold from an unfinished basement can vary greatly. Depending on size and size it may be as low as $500, or as high as $4,000 — AKA, how much mold is available and the area it covers. If the deck and the canals are involved, the cost will generally be between $2,000 and $6,000. If the house has been flooded recently and the mold is all in all, a lot more needs to be done. This could result in remediation costs of up to $10,000 –$30,000 or more depending on the size of your home.

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Security, security and aesthetics-these are probably the main reasons for putting a fence on your property.

Another reason you may not have been thinking is that because of the above factors, it can increase your property value. Therefore, a tastefully built and practical fence can add a substantial boost to your home price tag when it comes to the sale.

Although it may appear like a no brainer to install a fence, it is important to remember that it must be properly done. Fencing is not always correct in every house and certain fencing types can hinder the resale value of a property instead of helping it.

That said, certain things have to be taken into account when looking for the right fence. If you are looking for a budget friendly home improvement project, it could be a great option to install a fence! The amount it adds to the total value of your home will depend on its design, functionality and convenience.

Protecting yourself and your house Privacy and protection are the main function of a fence. This establishes a boundary which determines where the property stops and where someone else starts. Fences adds security to home buyers–even if it’s only a low-sitting picket fence. They minimize the risk of infringement by sending a clear signal that anything outside the fence is private property.

In fact, fences provide backdrop to the “No Trespassing” signage for home owners. Without a fence, foreigners can walk much easier on your property (and often don’t even know they are).

A subliminal promise of protection from a fence is particularly attractive to families. If your home is in a suburban area, where residents and interested buyers tend to be families with children, a fence can be a significant boost to the selling potential of your home.

The parents will be paying good money to keep their kids running out of their property or to give them peace of mind when playing in the yard.

Purchasers with domestic animals will appreciate a fence because they are less likely to go by or be endangered by transients. The enclosed front courtyard and backyard are more urban areas where most families just wish for their children to have a healthy playground.

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Fortunately, the removal of a popcorn ceiling is a legitimate project to do, although you can pay a home contractor or a paint specialist to get the job done too.

If you are on the general contractor path, expect to pay between $1 and $2 per square foot of work (square footing is how a contractor value a popcorn ceiling) If asbestos is involved in the removal of popcorn ceilings, the price usually reaches between $3 and $7 per square foot.

The homeowner or the general contractor can spray some tap water on the roof to check out asbestos on the popcorner ceiling, take a sample and pack safely and send it to a testing company.

Wear a mask and gloves while conducting the test, and extract the specimen as safely and securely as possible. One good rule for eliminating asbestos in a popcorn ceiling is that the house had been constructed before 1980. If so, it is likely that the ceiling contains asbestos.

If you start to check the ceiling and remove a portion, you have already disrupted the structure of the ceiling. Asbestos toxins, which are associated with lung cancer, are likely to be released in your home. It is therefore imperative that you keep family members from the area when you test and remove the toxins.

In fact, make sure that the heater or air conditioner for your home is switched off when testing for asbestos at a popcorn ceiling. If it’s left, the units transmit the toxins all over the house.
Use a spray bottle and add a flush of fluid.
Down the ceiling with water, you’re your testing.
Scratch a small part of the ceiling and make sure that you scratch high enough to touch the sheetrock.
Place the sample in a tight plastic bag or in a tight lid plastic container.
Mark up a container or packing bag and ship it to a licensed asbestos testing facility (check it out at the closest testing facility in your community.) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also has a directory of asbestos testing facility on its website across the U.S. Wait between $70 and $100 for test results for asbestos.
If you find your ceiling has asbestos, it is highly recommended that a professional contractor do the job. Yes, it costs more, but your family’s safety and security can be at stake, so bring in a professional asbestos ceiling remover.

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