Cleaning Services

With daily, ongoing house cleaning service, you’ll never have to worry and save money on every clean. We will help you keep your home clean and have a fresh smell. There is never to sign, not to worry-a bond. So if your needs change from visit to visit, then we’re happy to tailor our services accordingly. Any holiday rental requires a cleaning and maintenance program which is individual and specialized. We work with the owners to create a plan that will satisfy all their needs and wishes, so their guests will have a fun and enjoyable vacation. Since we have been at this for over a decade, we can also give our clients advice on how to set up your property and how to get as many rental inquiries as you wish for your home. For our residential cleaning, we personalize our house cleaning services to fit your exact needs and guarantee that your home will be managed with all the individual attention and care it deserves. Nothing could be better than entering a new, clean home. We’re committed to caring for your home by providing comprehensive house cleaning services from your first call to us until you arrive home after each visit. Would you ever have to cancel your last minute plans, because you had to clean the house? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you always had a clean and tidy house and that meant you never had to waste time and effort?

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For our Commercial Cleaning services, we handle all the needs of your offices or shops. We have them all covered to a typical office from a flower shop or lounge needs to. To ensure your business is properly looked after, our Basic Cleaning Checklist and any specific business needs will be used to set up a specific cleaning routine.
Booking professional house cleaning services in has never been easier thanks to our Handy app and web site. With just a few taps, you can book an experienced local maid for a regular home cleaning or home-keeping visit when you just don’t have the time to do it yourself.
When the place is a mess, and the carpets have not been vacuumed for weeks, relaxing and focusing at home are difficult. All you need to do is pick your preferred time, make a payment through our secure online booking system, and we’ll do the rest. Your maid will come along with everything they need to do the job as you like it, and you can even tailor the task list to yourself, because all our services are about your needs. Your home cleaner has it covered with a variety of extras available from cleaning the laundry to the refrigerator, or even if you need a deep cleaning.