Pavers Pompano Beach

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Perhaps you want the overall appearance of octagonal pavers such as Dutch Stone pavers, a natural selection for paving workers. Our own Pavers also give you a true look and feel for the brick, the longevity of a concrete paving stone. The Holland Stone can be portrayed as an ageless classic, with its traditional brick design and shapes providing traditional pathways and outdoor patios. Because of its usefulness not to mention attractiveness, we offer you the very affordable Munich Series that always gives a nice, clean, top-notch appearance.

If you need a more natural overall look, the Ridge Stone ® Series appears, like a visual appearance in a natural stone, as if it were made by nature itself. The Roman Cobble ® series is an old classic paver in Standard and Antiqued Texture ® finishes, and can also be found in circle patterns or fish scales. The Slate Stone Collection is not only timeless magnificence but also renowned for a genuine stone-style design of a vintage slate.

Pavers are at the forefront in paving stone construction industry. We continually strive for excellence and 100 per cent customer satisfaction by ongoing training and industry certifications.

Face Mix Technology’s advanced matrix uses fine graded hard granite sands, high cement content and an equally high pigment concentration to ensure long-lasting esthetics in your purchase. Without face mix, coarse aggregates easily get worn out on the surface, revealing the natural colors of the aggregates below in as little as a few years. That exposure gives the appearance of faded worn-out pavers. Other brand manufacturers would have you believe that by using color everywhere, you’ll get a better paving stone. Aesthetics or longevity in have absolutely nothing to do with colour. Abbotsford Concrete’s Face Mix high performance matrix is concentrated where it counts.