Popcorn removal

Fortunately, the removal of a popcorn ceiling is a legitimate project to do, although you can pay a home contractor or a paint specialist to get the job done too.

If you are on the general contractor path, expect to pay between $1 and $2 per square foot of work (square footing is how a contractor value a popcorn ceiling) If asbestos is involved in the removal of popcorn ceilings, the price usually reaches between $3 and $7 per square foot.

The homeowner or the general contractor can spray some tap water on the roof to check out asbestos on the popcorner ceiling, take a sample and pack safely and send it to a testing company.

Wear a mask and gloves while conducting the test, and extract the specimen as safely and securely as possible. One good rule for eliminating asbestos in a popcorn ceiling is that the house had been constructed before 1980. If so, it is likely that the ceiling contains asbestos.

If you start to check the ceiling and remove a portion, you have already disrupted the structure of the ceiling. Asbestos toxins, which are associated with lung cancer, are likely to be released in your home. It is therefore imperative that you keep family members from the area when you test and remove the toxins.

In fact, make sure that the heater or air conditioner for your home is switched off when testing for asbestos at a popcorn ceiling. If it’s left, the units transmit the toxins all over the house.
Use a spray bottle and add a flush of fluid.
Down the ceiling with water, you’re your testing.
Scratch a small part of the ceiling and make sure that you scratch high enough to touch the sheetrock.
Place the sample in a tight plastic bag or in a tight lid plastic container.
Mark up a container or packing bag and ship it to a licensed asbestos testing facility (check it out at the closest testing facility in your community.) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also has a directory of asbestos testing facility on its website across the U.S. Wait between $70 and $100 for test results for asbestos.
If you find your ceiling has asbestos, it is highly recommended that a professional contractor do the job. Yes, it costs more, but your family’s safety and security can be at stake, so bring in a professional asbestos ceiling remover.

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