Staining your fence- Chamblee Fence

You have a fresh fence, so now you have a couple of issues. Over time, won’t my fence age? Do I have to seal it to safeguard the wood somehow? How many times should this be performed?

At Chamblee Fence, we provide staining and locking facilities to improve your fence’s beauty while also expanding timber lives by defending it from red, climate, and bugs. We suggest dyeing and drying with our exceptional Wood Defender stain and seal products every two to three years.

Wood Defender is offered as a transparent or semi-transparent stain in various colours. It penetrates deep into wood for great water repellence, ultraviolet light strength, and includes antimildo and anti-fungal additives which stop graying. At the same time, the lovely pigments show and show the wood grain, which is particularly attractive when the fresh cedar fence is installed.

Even if you have a wearable and battered current fence, Chamblee Fence can give a fresh life to the house! After checking your fence for necessary repairs, we clean your fence thoroughly to remove contamination and waste and then apply the stain and seal in the color of your choice. That’s it! Your wall has passed from the neighborhood’s eyes to envy.

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