How To DYI Impact Windows On A Budget

You can be looking for ways you can protect your family from Hurricanes. For residents of the West Palm Beach, it would be advisable to install impact windows. The windows protect the residents if hurricanes take place. They ensure no debris or dangerous materials may enter your house. Installing impact windows may be tricky. You would probably need assistance for you to install the windows. If you know how to fix the windows, you can do it without contacting any service provider. 


1. Buy the Impact Windows. 

If you live in West Palm Beach Impact Windows are a necessity by the law. You can shop for the appropriate impact windows to replace the standard windows at your house. When constructing a new apartment, you also need to fit it with impact windows. Check the local suppliers to purchase the windows. 

2. Remove the Existing Window. 

Different windows can be removed using different procedures. Some can be removed from the outside. You need to remove the trim for you to lift out the panels. Detach the screws and the shims holding the window in position and pull off the window. 

3. Prepare the window Opening. 

Clean the window frame from any debris that may be collected here. Inspect the window frame to make sure it’s in excellent condition. Remove any vinyl cladding around the window frame. 

Ensure the sill of the window slopes evenly to the exterior. The sill can be replaced or adjusted if possible. Cover the studs and the sill using an adhesive which has a waterproof membrane. It covers the nailing strips appropriately. 

4. Installing the Window. 

Dry fit the window on the frame to see if it would fit appropriately. Apply a bead of silicone on the sill around the exterior face. It should be at the point where the nailing strip is located. Center the window into the frame and ensure the nailing fin is supported. 

Secure the Palm Beach hurricane windows using a shim on the frame. You can measure the window to ensure that it sits squarely and level on the window frame. You can level it using shims from the inside if the window is not balanced. 

Once balanced, you can nail the window around to fix it on the frame. You should ensure your nails are hammered along the nailing fin. You can guarantee there is regularity by nailing the lower corners first. Nail the upper edges to guarantee the window is well fixed on the frame before nailing the center. Cut off any protruding shim once you set the window. 

5. Insulating the Windows. 

The window should be well insulated to prevent water leakage. You can use fiberglass to install around the window sill. Reinforce it using neoprene backer rod. 

6. Waterproofing. 

Using a self-adhesive membrane, you can cover every corner of the impact window. Inspect to ensure the layer is well glued. Fit run-off molds and fix it using the self-adhesive at the top of the winder. 

Wrap the self-adhesive membrane with sheathing tape. This would protect it from environmental hazards and make it hold firmly. You may lower the air barrier at the top of the window then glue it. Fit the final air barrier on the nailing fin at the bottom of the window. 

7. Re-fit the Exterior Cladding. 

After you have fitted your window, you can now refit the external cladding. Apply silicone on the frame and nail heads where you will install the cladding. Start by adjusting the upper molding followed by the rest of the vinyl cladding. Refit the interior window trim to keep the complete design of the window. 


If you feel that you are unsure of how you can install the impact window, you can always contact a professional. It ensures the window is well fixed and follows the manufacturers’ specifications. There are several hurricane windows West Palm Beach installers in the region. You can choose to work with any of the qualified companies.